Aiding and Abetting a Ponzi Scheme: Civil Liability for Third-Parties

Ponzi schemes have become ubiquitous in today’s investing world. At any given time, there are innumerable Ponzi schemes being carried out against unsuspecting investors.

Federal and State Agencies Investigate Frauds and Offer Resources to Their Victims

Multiple state and federal agencies in the United States offer consumer protection oversight and investigations for people or companies who are defrauded, cheated, and scammed.

What is a Receiver?

Often, when a company or individual is suspected of fraud,either because of a criminal indictment or a civil suit from the SEC or a private individual, the Courts will take action to make sure that an “outside”person has some level of authority over the assets or operations of that company.

Fraud and the Economy

In times of economic growth, such as what the U.S. has experience during the past five years, it is easy to forget that fraudsters are still in our midst.