Fraudsters Leverage Psychological Biases to Steal Your Money

Denial. Anger. Depression. There is no typical response to financial loss due to fraud, but this article may help you understand why you selected a particular investment or even allow you to spot a scheme before it’s too late.

Aiding and Abetting a Ponzi Scheme: Civil Liability for Third-Parties

Ponzi schemes have become ubiquitous in today’s investing world. At any given time, there are innumerable Ponzi schemes being carried out against unsuspecting investors. Due to headline-grabbing cases such as the Bernie Madoff scandal, many investors are now aware how these schemes operate.

Federal and State Agencies Investigate Frauds and Offer Resources to Their Victims

Multiple state and federal agencies in the United States offer consumer protection oversight and investigations for people or companies who are defrauded, cheated, and scammed. Those agencies are a resource for educational information about the latest schemes and frauds as well as options to report claims to investigators.

Lifespan of a Civil Fraud Case and Recovery

Generally, any discussion of lifespan and timeframes for civil litigation in the United States requires emphasis of the idiom “patience is a virtue.” Plaintiffs should expect nearly any U.S. civil suit to last a minimum of a year from the date of the filing of the complaint. This time frame stems from the high volume of cases generally handled by our hard-working judiciary, and U.S. civil litigation system’s reliance on pre-trial discovery to uncover the facts of a case for purposes of guiding the matter to early resolution. Naturally, the more factually and legally complex the matter, the longer the case will take to progress through litigation.