Pending Fraud Cases in the United States

At any given time, there are hordes of civil fraud recovery actions ongoing in various courts in the United States. These can range from fairly small matters, involving only a handful of people and with only a few thousand dollars at issue, to enormously complex international fraudulent schemes involving billions of dollars of diverted, misused, or stolen money from thousands or even millions of victims.

The Genesis and Evolution of the “Ponzi”

Madoff. Stanford. Rothstein. “Ponzi” schemes are now ubiquitous — the type of fraud where investors are repaid their own money so that the scheme appears to be a successful investment and more investors can be hoodwinked. This form of scheme originated with its namesake, Charles Ponzi, who defrauded millions in the 1920s by falsely claiming he could sell international postal coupons at 100 percent profit. Ponzi financed his purported business through promissory notes, which he always readily repaid.